About SbJL

**This page is under construction**

A big THANK YOU to everyone for your patience! Much appreciated! I am only a one-woman business and I can only do so much – I’d say that someday I’ll have more help but then my bags wouldn’t be ‘Stitched by JessaLu’ anymore ;o)

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I recently began offering Jane Austen themed bags which were featured in the Dry Goods section of the Fall 2012 edition of Jane Austen Knits by Interweave Press – I have a screenshot up in my Ravelry group (and while you’re there, why not join the group?)



All hand-sewn items are made by me (yes, I am a one-woman operation – unless I can wrangle my husband into ironing or cutting interfacing) on a c1937 Model 15-91 Singer sewing machine in a smoke-less and cat-less home (but not dog-less, though she’s little and isn’t allowed in the sewing room).

You can see pictures of my sewing machine here. My machine isn’t fancy, it doesn’t have the ability to do a lockstitch edge but she’s a workhorse and I love her. She does the job while my fancy new Singer sits in the closet, not working.