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Yesterday – 20 bags made! Show prep has hit its stride at SbJL! There’s more new prints in this pile – can you spot them? these bags will be in my booth at @nefiberfestival this weekend and I’ll be having a shop update the following week! #fiberfestivalofnewengland #fiberfestofnewengland #stitchedbyjessalu #handmade #projectbags for your #knitting or #crochet #smallbusiness #womanownedbusiness

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Mooore pins! I know I’m biased, but I want one of each I’ll have these in my booth at @nefiberfestival next weekend, will we see you? (If you are choosing to not go, I’ll have a shop update the following week!) #sbjlbagswag #bagswag #stitchedbyjessalu #handmade #projecbags for your #knitting or #crochet #smallbusiness #nefiberfest #nefiberfestival #womanownedbusiness

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One of the new items I will be offering this season is SBJL BAG SWAG!! I just received a new order fulfillment that has me 😍 I will have these in my booth at @nefiberfestival next weekend, and also in the shop the week following in case you cannot make it or choose to not go to the show #sbjlbagswag #doyoujessalu #stitchedbyjessalu #fiberfestivalofnewengland

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On Hobbits and Tolkien…

In a hole in the ground, lived a Hobbit…

Yesterday, Boothbait and I went on an adventure to the Big City (NYC) and visited the Tolkien exhibition at the Morgan Library. This is a collection of artwork, notes, and manuscripts from J.R.R. Tolkien, brought here by the Morgan through the Bodleian Library and the Tolkien estate.

It was, in a word, Amazing.

In case you don’t already know, I love The Hobbit. I re-read it almost annually. This book was an escape for me while I was growing up. No matter what was going on in real life, I knew I could open up my book and Bilbo would be there, waiting for me.

To be in the same room as the original artwork? I never thought it possible. To have a bag I made from the original artwork in a photo with the original artwork? The possibility was inconceivable to me. But it happened.

The photo (even though there was a lady in the room yelling “NO PICTURES” lol):


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once-in-a-lifetime experience, once-in-a-lifetime photo <3

There were also drinks with friends at the Algonquin Hotel, a super cool Japanese stationery store, and an amazing pastrami reuben. All in all, a very good day in the city.

If you are interested in having your very own Hobbit bag, I did a little inventory and found that I have a few cuts available – go here to see what I have!



Happy Spring!

I thought I’d post a little update to let you all know what’s going on in SbJL world 🙂

Well, the last two weeks have been (less than) fun around here – first R (boothbait) got sick, then he gave it to me (so nice of him, right? lol) and after a week of not being able to breathe, I had him take me to urgent care. Come to find out, I had an ongoing asthma thing going on and boothbait won the booby prize of pneumonia! He wasn’t even going to get checked, but since he was there decided why not! (I think this means I saved his life or something, ha ha)

Anyway, we are both on the mend, I am working hard on getting club bags made and out the door to all of you wonderful people who ordered one for April! This fabric is so amazing, you’re going to love it, I just know it!

I’m also working on show orders, and am keeping up to date on shop orders! It sucks when you are on top of things and then whammo, two weeks sick. I’m going severely stir crazy over here.

I hope all is well with all of you and it’s beginning to warm up wherever you are! Thanks as always for supporting my little corner of the internet! <3