Do I need to have a SbJL login/account?

I am going to say yes, but only because I have had some customers with issues tracking their orders. I have turned on Single Sign on with WordPress – you do not have to use a WordPress login to have a SbJL login, but if you want to keep your shipping address on file, and track your orders, you should create a login (I do NOT know your password, nor do I use your info for any marketing unless you opt in)

THIS DOES NOT WORK RETROACTIVELY. If you do not set up your account prior to ordering, it will not pull your previous orders into your account so please plan accordingly.

If you have a question about where your bag is, please check if your order is within the shipping window and if you have received a shipping notice. If you are and you have not, trust that your bag WILL GO OUT within this window, and you WILL receive an email with tracking information. Thank you for your patience!

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