How many people sew for you?

All hand-sewn items are sewn by me (otherwise it wouldn’t be ‘Stitched by JessaLu’ 😉 ) on an industrial Singer that was manufactured in 1932 or a Model 15-91 Singer sewing machine that was manufactured in 1937  in a smoke-less and cat-less home (but not dog-less, though she’s little and isn’t allowed in the sewing room).

I have a helper that works one day a week doing ironing and bag prep – and sometimes during show season my husband (aka ‘Boothbait’) rolls up his sleeves and gets to work cutting fabric and interfacing.

When you purchase from SbJL, you are supporting my family directly, and we appreciate it very much!

You can see pictures of my sewing machine here. My machine isn’t fancy, it doesn’t have the ability to do a lockstitch edge but she’s a workhorse and I love her. She does the job while my fancy new Singer sits in the closet, not working.